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The weather can be the #1 threat to your vehicle’s undercarriage. Undercoating your vehicle will bring peace of mind and keeps your investment protected. We apply a thick, abrasive-resistant, exclusive sealant to your vehicle’s undercarriage, protecting it from moisture, dirt, salt and much more.

Vehicle undercoating is a process where a rubber-like material is sprayed onto the bottom of a car or truck in order to protect it from the elements. The goal is to prevent rust from taking hold by keeping materials that cause it, particularly salt, out of contact with metal. Most people don't have the chance to give the bottoms of their vehicles thorough cleanings regularly and undercoating for cars can make a big difference.

Having a vehicle undercoated is highly recommended in areas of the country that get heavy snowfall, as salt and other chemicals are frequently put down on the roads for safety reasons. These materials can collect in nooks around the frame and body, promoting the acceleration of rusting processes. Unless you make an absolute point of getting your ride off the road and into a climate-controlled garage before the first snowfall, undercoating is a superb choice.

Small Vehicle ~ $495.00

Mid-Size Cars, SUV & Small Trucks - $649.00

Trucks & Vans ~ $799.00

Car & Box Tailers ~ Call for Quote

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